KidKam Screeners

Mrs. Parsons

(10 videos)

Mrs. Parsons is a married mother of two boys, and teaches kindergarten in a small rural school in Flori ... read more

Ms. Gagne

(34 videos)

Jessica Gagne is a wife and mother of 3 that lives in Duluth, MN. She's been teaching in the Cloquet Publ ... read more

Mrs. Williams-Breault

(25 videos)

Beth Williams-Breault is a Family Studies doctoral student at the University of New Mexico, wh ... read more


(1 videos)

Melissa Combs is the Title I Coordinator at a charter school in Dayton, Ohio. Prior to her administrative ... read more

Mrs. Schumer

(95 videos)

Mrs. Schumer is a first grade teacher from St. Louis, Missouri. She has also taught pre kindergarten a ... read more


(50 videos)

Ms. Samuels is a former special education teacher for Cambridge Public Schools in Massachusetts. She rece ... read more


(40 videos)

Mr. Hall is a former kindergarten teacher at a charter school in Dorchester, MA. Over the years he has work ... read more

Mr. Alves

(641 videos)

Mr. Alves is a STEM teacher in Massachusetts where he teaches engineering, computers, robotics and all kid ... read more


(269 videos)

Ms. Kline is a first grade teacher for Frederick County Public Schools in Maryland. She earned her Bachelor ... read more


(61 videos)

Mrs. Minor is a Title I Reading Specialist in Henrico County, Virginia. After receiving her undergraduate ... read more

Mr. Jim

(39 videos)

James Pike has been teaching for 6 years both in the USA and Japan. While working at Ascension Catholic Scho ... read more


(82 videos)

Mr. Forkner is a Kindergarten teacher in Arlington, Texas. He enjoys teaching his students how to read th ... read more


(25 videos)

Wendy Ludwick is a wife and mother of 4 that lives in Salisbury, NC. She teaches 3rd grade for Rowan-S ... read more


(84 videos)

Michelle Flicek is a first grade teacher in the Green Bay school district. After attending UW-Green Bay f ... read more


(743 videos)

Hannah Platt is currently a first grade teacher in the Denver, Colorado area. She is originally from a sm ... read more


(97 videos)

Ms. Baldes has been a primary grade teacher in an urban school for over 20 years. While working for The C ... read more


(3 videos)

Amy Reeves is an Instructional Technology Facilitator in the Bladen County School District. Prior to bec ... read more


(73 videos)

Mrs. Scully is a 2nd grade teacher from NJ. She has been working as a teacher since her graduation in 20 ... read more