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"Great videos for kids handpicked by teachers"

KidKam is a web-based video streaming platform that supports classroom learning and provides a healthy connection between schools and the families they serve. More and more educators today are leveraging a wealth of online video content in their classrooms, but often lack the time to sort the good from the bad. KidKam is a solution designed by and for teachers and parents. We curate the best educational videos available from popular streaming sites like YouTube and place them in an ad-free platform that is safe for users of all ages.  Every video in our extensive library has been screened by a licensed elementary school teacher or pediatrician and organized by easily searchable categories and detailed tagging.  With a low-cost, customizable subscription to KidKam your school receives:   


Key Benefits & Features


A Personalized KidKam Video Library 

Your school's KidKam portal is branded with your logo and available for exclusive use by your administrators, teachers, students and their families.                             

Content that is 100% Safe for Kids and Classrooms

Every video accessible through KidKam has been hand-selected, screened and categorized by an elementary school teacher or pediatrician.  KidKam is completely free of problematic message boards and user-to-user interactions.  Users will never see "related videos" that have not been vetted by a KidKam screener.  

An Extensive Catalog

The KidKam video library has thousands of high-quality, teacher-vetted educational and “brain break” videos with more being added each week.  In our library, you will find videos on literature, literacy, math, science, technology, music, arts and  crafts, animals, sports, health and wellness and many other educationally appropriate topics.  We categorize and tag every video by grade level and subject matter and your teachers can also add and tag videos from sites like YouTube themselves, and upload new videos of their own creation.  

No Ads

KidKam offers a completely ad-free environment!

Privavy & Security

Client data will never be tracked or sold to third parties!

Unlimited Access

Teachers, students and families have unlimited year-round access to your custom KidKam portal. This connection between school and home will enhance the educational experience and promote loyalty to your school system.

Powerful Classroom and Parental Controls

Teachers can structure the way their students use KidKam at school with our “Classroom Controls.”   With these settings, teachers can filter our video library by grade level and subject matter so their students stay on track and only view the types of videos each teacher wants them to see.  At home, parents can use similar filters and set screentime limits.  

Shared Playlists to Bridge Classroom and Home

Teachers and families can create an unlimited number of video playlists to meet their personal educational needs and interests.  They can then use our “Shared Playlists” feature to make their KidKam playlists accessible to other teachers and students, building collaboration between school and home.

Affordable Pricing

As teachers and parents ourselves, we are committed to making KidKam affordable for all school systems so that our service may help you build lifelong partnerships with your community.  We charge a modest monthly subscription fee of $50 per school with no hidden costs whatsover and schools can cancel their subscriptions at any time without penalty.

Contact us today and explore what KidKam can offer your school system!

Adam Alves, Chief Development Officer

[email protected] | 781-680-7972