Public Library Systems

"Everything kids love about YouTube...

None of the stuff your members hate..."

KidKam is a streaming video service that provides elementary school-aged children and families with unlimited access to thousands of educational and entertaining videos that have been curated exclusively by teachers and pediatricians.

A customized KidKam portal offers your library system a creative way of enhancing member experience, while maintaining meaningful engagement and targeted messaging with kids and parents throughout the year.

Key Benefits & Features 

Enduring Connection to Members and Families

With our web-based platform, families can use their KidKam account anytime throughout the year, and not just while they are in your library. This creates a unique, long-term engagement opportunity to promote your own dynamic messaging, while providing a valuable service and fostering loyalty to your library in the process.

Cost Effectiveness

Our aim is to make KidKam extremely affordable for all public libraries. We charge a modest annual subscription fee - usage is unlimited and there are no hidden costs whatsoever.

Custom Branding

The KidKam platform is white-labeled so it can be configured with the unique branding of your library system. Most families will be engaging with your streaming video portal on a daily basis... and they will love you for it!

100% Safe for Kids

Every video accessible through KidKam has been hand-selected, screened and categorized by an accredited teacher or pediatrician with expertise in child development - these screeners are from all across the country with varying areas of expertise. KidKam is also completely free of problematic message boards and any user-to-user interaction.

Only Age-Appropriate Videos

KidKam has thousands of high-quality videos covering a diverse range of topics, such as education, music, science, animals, sports, health and wellness, etc. - all organized by grade level and professionally screened and categorized for their educational and entertainment value.

Popular Content

KidKam’s video collection draws from some of the most popular content on the web - from sites like YouTube, including Disney, Sesame Street, Discovery, Scholastic, Studio C, KIDZ BOP and many more.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

KidKam is built in responsive design and works seamlessly across all devices - tablet, mobile phone or desktop. Unlimited Access As a value added service, your public library can provide unlimited access to your branded video portal to all of its members, families and staff, which will enhance the member experience and promote satisfaction and loyalty with your library system.

No Ads

KidKam is a subscription based service and provides videos in an ad-free environment.

Parental Controls

Parents can easily customize each child’s KidKam account with screen-time limits, as well as age, category and content filters that ensure kids are only seeing what their parents want them to see - while creating personalized, dynamic playlists and subscribing to their favorite screeners.

Contact us today and explore what KidKam can offer your library system!

Adam Alves, Chief Development Officer

[email protected] | 781-680-7972