Meet our Featured Screener Mary Sharp

Mary SharpQualified screeners like Mary Sharp make all the difference when it comes to building KidKam’s safe and educational video gallery. A KidKam Screener has the important role of making certain an uploaded video is both kid-friendly and appropriate for the classroom. Teaching since 2006, Sharp’s dynamic background has helped KidKam’s library grow with quality content for elementary students. In just a short period of time, Sharp has already screened and uploaded 128 videos for the site.

“I have been collecting educational videos while teaching for multiple subjects,” said Sharp. “This gives me experience in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, etc., in the primary grades. I am looking for videos that not only educate, but engage and entertain. Each year, I feel I become more intune with what types of videos to use for the greatest impact for my students.”

Researching and screening  videos on the Internet is a very time-consuming and tedious process. Sharp believes using KidKam saves parents and teachers valuable time in their day; instead of screening lengthy videos, teachers can work on other elements of their lesson planning. Parents can trust KidKam and finish up household projects instead of monitoring every click on their child’s computer screen.

“Teachers know that fellow teachers have screened each video checking to make sure it is appropriate for school,” said Sharp. “Parents can trust that they can let their child choose any KidKam video that interests them without having to worry about offensive comments when they scroll down.” As seen on other sites like YouTube, pop-up advertisements and comment postings  make it risky to stream content in front of a young audience.

Like all of KidKam’s screeners,  Sharp follows her own screening process before approving and uploading a video.  It is this individualized touch that sets KidKam apart from the crowd.

“As a teacher, I know what is appropriate or inappropriate for a school setting,” noted Sharp.  “Some videos that would be deemed ‘okay’ at home may not be appropriate for school. While watching each video, I pretend my students are watching with me and make my judgements based on my experience.  Videos are watched from the beginning to the end.  Many times, I watch a video twice.” Once videos are screened, they are able to be viewed by KidKam members.  The videos are categorized based on content and age level. Teachers can share the videos with their students and use to enhance their lessons.

Overall, Sharp has loved her experience as a KidKam Screener and looks forward to spreading the word to help KidKam grow in the teaching community. “I think once teachers use and experience KidKam, there will be no turning back to other video streaming sites,” she said.