KidKam on the Road: Making PTO Connections

Parent Teacher groups such as PTAs and PTOs are considered the heartbeat of every school. They provide an opportunity for parents to become more invested in their child’s education, while raising funds for important resources for schools. Starting this fall, KidKam’s School Reinvestment Program is a new fundraising opportunity that allows  PTA/PTOs to capture 25% of the subscription revenue for parents from their school that chose KidKam as their safe video streaming service.  

    To raise awareness, KidKam Co-Founder & CEO Zac Corrigan traveled to several major PTA conferences unveiling the program to the educational community. Corrigan first attended the 2015 National PTA Conference and Exhibition in Charlotte, North Carolina. Later, he exhibited KidKam at the Florida State PTA convention in Tarpon Springs, Florida. His latest stop was a smaller PTA conference in Charlotte-Mecklinberg county.

At each conference, KidKam had an informational booth where conference attendees could learn more about the site and how the School Reinvestment Program works. “We wanted to get a sense of what the priorities of these PTAs were before starting the new school year,” said Corrigan.

For additional support, KidKam screener Kirsten Strum, an elementary school teacher who teaches in a small school in Orlando, made the journey with her husband to help staff the KidKam booth at the Florida PTA Conference. She was able to share her firsthand experience as a screener as part of the KidKam team. Many of the attendees were interested in learning more about the screening process and expressed an interest in applying in the future as a screener.  “Meeting Kristen was so fun,” said Corrigan.  “Something I had never really thought about when we started KidKam was how odd it would be be to have all these people doing work for us around the country that I would never get to meet in person. Having Kirsten in our booth added so much in terms of letting parents know what we are all about, but it was great just to be able spend time with one of our dedicated screeners.”   

KidKam’s site and the School Reinvestment Program received overall positive feedback from PTO groups. Specifically, Corrigan acknowledged KidKam stood out as one of the few “non-food” fundraising programs.  He hopes fundraising with KidKam will offer schools an alternative to selling chocolate, donuts, cheesecake, and other unhealthy foods.  

"As a country we are trying to fight early-set diabetes,” said Corrigan. We have a massive obesity problem and  schools are sending conflicting messages if they are running wellness programs in the school, but then all their main fundraisers are cookie dough or chocolate sales."

Corrigan also noted having students sell inventory-based items can put pressure on families--especially in low income schools.

"I feel like we check both of these boxes with what we are doing," said Corrigan about the program.  KidKam is entirely online so we don’t require the PTA to carry an inventory to then resell. We also are building engagement between what is happening between the school and at home through our shareable playlist feature.”

To be part of the School Reinvestment Program, any PTA in the country can begin the fundraising process by registering an account through the KidKam site. Once the PTO is registered, one dollar of every $3.99 per month subscription will be directly donated to the school’s PTA. To assist with the process, KidKam also created a School Reinvestment Program  Portal that PTA/PTOs can use to access info on their subscribers and downloadable flyers to advertise KidKam to their parents.  

As the school year unfolds, Corrigan plans to attend more PTA/PTO conferences and provide updated information for the SRP portal. His goal is begin fundraising in at least one district with multiple schools. “If ten schools have a good experience, hopefully all schools will soon follow,” Corrigan said.